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Most people go through their lives without experiencing any significant problems with their toenails or calluses. But when an issue does arise, it’s a comfort to know that help is around the corner. At Family Foot & Ankle Clinic LLC, Dr. Joel Tikalsky helps his patients in Weston, Wisconsin, deal with painful toenail and callus conditions that can have a surprisingly big impact on their lives. To learn more about professional toenail and callus care, call or use the online tool to schedule a consultation.

Nail and Callus Care Q & A

Why do I need medical care for my toenails?

Your toenails go largely unnoticed in your life until a problem crops up that can lead to potentially harmful medical issues.

For example, an ingrown toenail that pushes into your flesh can break the skin, allowing an infection to set in. Dr. Tikalsky can usually easily remedy this situation, but if you’re also dealing with circulatory problems or diabetes, he takes a more aggressive approach to head off much larger and more potentially dangerous problems.

As well, most toenail fungus issues pose nothing more than cosmetic concerns. But if left unchecked, they can severely compromise your entire nail and spread to your other toes.

If you’re diabetic, Dr. Tikalsky can’t stress enough the importance of regular foot care, even down to the proper trimming of your toenails to prevent these conditions from taking hold in the first place. This preventive care proves invaluable as your body isn’t able to properly fight off infections in your extremities.

What are calluses?

Calluses are part of your body’s way to protect itself by building up extra skin in areas where there’s more pressure. Calluses are perfectly natural, and you can usually find them on your feet and hands.

Corns are slightly different in that they’re smaller and usually develop on non-weight-bearing areas on your feet. Corns have a hard center surrounded by skin that can be inflamed and painful to the touch.

A majority of the time, you can deal with calluses at home by scraping or filing away the extra skin. There are times, however, when medical intervention is advised.

When should I seek help for calluses?

If you’ve been diagnosed with peripheral artery disease or diabetes, it means that the circulation in your extremities is barely able to handle delivering nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to these areas. Throw in a problem like an infection, corn, or callus, and your body isn’t able to handle the extra workload, requiring medical intervention.

At Family Foot & Ankle Clinic LLC, Dr. Tikalsky is well versed in the proper care of your feet and monitors them closely, watching for any developing problems, which he can treat quickly before they become open wounds that invite infection.

For expert callus and toenail care, call Family Foot & Ankle Clinic LLC, or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.