Why Proper-Fitting, Supportive Shoes Make a Difference in Foot Health

The human foot is an impressive work of engineering design. With an intricate system of 42 muscles, 33 joints, 26 bones, and more than 50 fibrous tendons, ligaments, and support tissue, your feet are able to endure countless hours of walking, running, and weight-bearing without suffering serious damage, day in and day out.

When problems with your feet do occur, they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Foot pain, tendinitis, and even ingrown toenails can sideline you for some time. Putting too much stress on your feet, forcing them into unnatural positions, or failing to provide support can damage any one of those intricate components that make up your feet. Left untreated, that damage can lead to pain, which can become chronic.

Among the most common culprits for damaged feet is ill-fitting, unsupportive footwear. Even “healthy” athletic shoes and dress shoes that claim you’re “walking on air” can harm your feet. Before you step foot into another shoe store, take note of how proper-fitting, supportive shoes can make all the difference in the health of your feet.

How shoes cause foot problems

Many people associate damaging footwear with women’s high heels. While suffering for fashion is sometimes endured, it’s not just high heels that impair foot health. Here’s a look at the most common shoe-related foot issues.

Steps to finding the proper shoe

Finding the right shoe takes time, but it makes a big difference in your foot health. Follow these tips when selecting your shoes:

Respect and care for your feet

At Family Foot and Ankle Clinic, LLC, we value your feet. Under the leadership of Dr. Joel Tikalsky, our podiatrists and support staff treat the full spectrum of issues associated with the foot and ankle. We offer eight Wisconsin locations to serve you: Weston, Merrill, Marathon, Antigo, Woodruff, Wausau, Shawano, and Mosinee.

Show your feet all the care and respect these engineering marvels deserve. Don’t wait to address your foot pain. Contact Family Foot and Ankle Clinic, LLC, today and start strolling through life pain-free.

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